Brave Boundaries protect your heart — Part 3/3

To grow Brave Boundaries, you need to pay attention to how you engage with others and what thoughts go through your mind.

In my 🌴 Tiny Island Tips, I shared just three of the common self-talk scenarios most of us engage in at some time:

🌴 No more arguments with the lack you felt in the past!

🌴 Let go of old limiting beliefs!

And today…

🌴 Let go of the fear that precedes everyday life!

Even in a mindful life, conditioned belief will enter your mind when you are overwhelmed or tired. And it does nothing but harm. Your heart is the first to feel the internal conflict!

Brave Boundaries can become your companions on your life’s path.

I’m excited to finally share my powerful boundary practice with you in person!

My brand new Brave Boundaries Mini-Course is coming your way via the October Newsletter. You will learn my most powerful practice on how to embody your boundaries. Think about it, it’s not all about them, the people who trigger us, but also about us in how we are engaging with ourselves.

So, how does it work to embody something?

It’s just like when we say she/he embodies goodness, which means goodness is made visible through their body in the way she/he walk, smile, act, etc.

The same happens with boundaries. If you embody them, you feel empowered, you stand, walk, act differently and show the world through your body where you begin and end.

Can’t wait to have my Brave Boundaries Mini-Course hop in your inbox!

I’d love to hear from you.

Always with love,

Manuela 🌴✨🐘

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Manuela Rohr

I am a writer, a body-mind expert, and the mother of a micro-preemie girl. I share my healing journey in my writings and teachings.