10 Tips To A Life Well Lived 🧘 Part 2/10 TRUTH 🧘‍♂️ Wednesday Whisper 41/20 — Manuela Rohr

Last week’s whisper started this 10-part series of using the yogic guidelines in real life. Real-life meaning off the mat. BTW 🥁 to use these tools you don’t have to be a yogi; all you need to do is be curious and willing TO SHOW UP to your life.

Click HERE to read last week’s whisper: AHIMSA or NON-HARMING. It guides you to reflect on the question: How can I be gentler to myself and others?

These guidelines are called Yamas and Niyamas and are your helpers to live your life with awareness. To be healthy and happy, no matter the obstacles is the challenge; not an easy one, yet if you embrace what destiny delivers it will put you in the driver seat instead of the victim’s corner.

Today you get to look at the

2. Helper — SATYA or TRUTH

To speak and live your truth is not always easy and starts with YOU.

Six tips to practice Satya

  1. How honest are you with yourself?
  2. Do you share your truth, or do you pretend — while you feel different inside? Why?
  3. Do you gossip?
  4. Do you speak to be truthful?
  5. Do you harm with your truth? *
  6. On your mat — do you honor your edge? Or do you stretch too deep to be seen, or you show up first with your better, more flexible side to shine?

And of course, there are many more inquiries you can do.

*The trickiest question can be #5. It holds AHIMSA or NON-HARMING at its root.

Simple example — your friend shows up with a new dress. She glows, but you find the color terrible. You might think she did it again, she has a horrible taste. But she asks your applause: “Isn’t it stunning?”

Now we need to remember what’s most important: First, do no harm, and then speak your truth. Everything else hurts. Or AHIMSA before TRUTH. 💗 The compassion of non-harming keeps truthfulness from being a personal weapon.

Mhhh. How to do that? Not saying anything hurts her feelings, speaking your truth hurts more, it’s not needed. But praising it, saying things like it’s the best thing she has ever worn is lying.

What would you say?

How about weaving non-harming and truth-telling together? “I’m happy for you. Let’s celebrate; we get to spend time together…”

And here is your practice to grow from the inside out:

🌴Tiny Island Tip

Pause — Take three deep breaths. Ask: In what ways can I be more truthful and authentic? Choose the next chance to act on your answer.

Dear friends, these guidelines are like steppingstones to support you in creating your lives mosaic in our ever-changing world. Not one is more important than the other. They are tools working together!

Please make your own observations and share them with us. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER AND CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER!

👉👉👉 Don’t miss next week’s 3rd Yama: Asteya — Non-Stealing

Originally published at https://manuelarohr.com on September 30, 2020.



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Manuela Rohr

I am a writer, a body-mind expert, and the mother of a micro-preemie girl. I share my healing journey in my writings and teachings. www.manuelarohr.com