10 Tips to a life well lived🧘‍♂️Part 3/10 Non-Stealing 🥱 — WW 42/20 — Manuela Rohr

I know most people are a bit confused when they read non-stealing. Hang on and explore the subtle ways it can show up in your life.

My mission is to be aware of who I’m becoming on this ever-changing journey of life. Using yogic wisdom, I want to observe how my actions or non-actions shape my future. I want to be in the driver seat, especially when I’m on a rocky road. On and off the mat!

My passion is to share this journey with you.

Breathing deeply… life can be rocky and beautiful!

Today you get to look at the

If you missed part one or two, you can enjoy them here: https://manuelarohr.com/wednesday-whispers/

Asteya stands for not taking what’s not yours, or taking more than you need.

Of course, most of us don’t steal from others. But how about stealing from ourselves? If our day holds too much negative stuff like stress, frustration, worry, fear, regret, etc. we are putting up roadblocks for our future.

Just think of a day filled with joy or gratefulness. Perhaps you walked in the woods or saw a movie with a friend. You’d feel like a big YES shining in the sky 🌟 . The good vibe is often still there the next day; what you did turned into a gift to your future!

Let’s dig a little deeper and think about

Seven tips to bring awareness to Asteya — Non-Stealing

1. Stealing time. To steal someone’s time, e.g.,on the phone, rattling on about our or the world’s issues without asking if our listener has time.

2. Are you are often late? To meet a friend or show up to your yoga class? Think about it; you’re stealing the waiting person’s time.

3. Do you take more from the world’s resources as needed? Take one action today to change that.

4. Do you take credit that’s not yours?

5. Take more food than you can eat?

6. Are you neglecting a talent? That can be a big one — be honest! Remember Satya or truth from last week’s whisper.

7. Do you suffer from a lack of commitment to practice self-care that allows you to be healthy and happy? Let’s say yoga or running or to take a walk?

Here’s your practice to grow from the inside out:


  • Are you stealing from your future?
  • Pause. Relax. Take three deep breaths.
  • Breathe. Reflect.
  • What is a simple action you can do today to invest in your future?
  • Breathe. Reflect.
  • Commit to adding one gift towards your future TODAY!

Asteya asks for self-responsibility. To be o.k. and grateful for what we have and the beautiful things we experienced. Don’t forget the tiny treasures 🌷🍃🍁🍏🌙💫🌳🌤🌈 in front of your eyes!

Anytime you feel a lack, especially of material things, instead of dwelling on it, you can examine if what you’re missing would create more ease and happiness in your life.

👇 👇 👇


My lessons: As a special needs mom, I’m challenged and can forget about my needs. The result is always a lack of trust in the future. I created my 🌴 Tiny Islands to continuously invest in my health and happiness, no matter how little time I have.

Share your thoughts or ideas about Asteya! I’m thrilled to hear your feedback, and yes, please share this blog with your friends!

Love, Manuela

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Originally published at https://manuelarohr.com on October 6, 2020.



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Manuela Rohr

I am a writer, a body-mind expert, and the mother of a micro-preemie girl. I share my healing journey in my writings and teachings. www.manuelarohr.com